We focus on providing learning opportunities that allow all children to achieve their potential. Support is provided inside and/or outside the classroom. These programs help ensure all students are able to work at their own level and achieve success.

Students in need of individualised support

There are different ways we identify students needing extra support around learning and wellbeing. We rely on strong and supportive relationship with parents and carers most of all. We also use a range of diagnostic tools and assessment data when children are not meeting their expected levels.

Multi-tiered System of Support

We use a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) to better assist students struggling with literacy and numeracy skills or having social and emotional difficulties.

The On Entry testing in pre-primary helps identifying students needing learning extra support and who can be tracked their subsequent years at school (Years 1 to 6). We track the acquisition of literacy skills using DIBELS ® (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills). We use other intervention programs (listed below) as we monitor those students over time.

Individual behaviour programs and individual, or group, education plans and programs are prepared for students who require additional support. Students, with the appropriate diagnoses, may receive an allocation of Education Assistant time through funding provided by the Disability Resource Funding system.

For further information from the Department about children with special educational needs, go to:

Our services and programs include

  • Cracking the Code
  • Multi-Lit
  • Bond Blocks

Our Support Programs outside the classroom

Learning Support Coordinator

Our Learning Support Coordinator works with parents and carers to organise case conferences with the School Psychologist. The case conferences are how we make sure parents/carers, teacher, Deputy and/or Principal and School Psychologist can work together to identify and discuss strategies that help your child reach their potential.

  • Ed Connect
  • School Chaplain
  • Support a Reader (Term 3, 2024)