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Business Plan

Fremantle Primary School School Plan 2021 2024

Annual Report

The School Improvement and Accountability policy requires that schools publish an annual School Report that describes the school’s performance.

The School Annual Report is intended to give parents and other members of the community a clear and accurate sense of how students in our school are progressing and what is being done to maximise student achievement.

2022 Fremantle Primary School Annual Report

Public School Review

At Fremantle Primary School we engage in a thorough self-reflection cycle to assess the effectiveness of our teaching and learning programs. We collect data on how we are doing regularly, routinely and in a range of ways. The formal review process, however, takes place every three years. In Term 4 2023, the Department of Education’s Review team visited our school to help us determine our effectiveness.

The Review Report has been prepared and is now available.

Fremantle Primary School Public School Review report November 2023