The Fremantle Primary School P&C (Parents and Citizens) Committee is a vibrant team of dedicated and inspired parents, who give of their time to organise and generate extra-curricular activities and infrastructure for the whole school community.

Highlights of the P&C’s initiatives so far include:

  • The annual school disco (which funds the senior year camp and is much loved by the students)
  • The annual staff and parents’quiz night
  • Movie Nights
  • New iPad’s for students
  • The annual lap-a-thon
  • The update of the school library
  • Life Skills for Kids program
  • Various other fundraising activities.

The P&C currently consists of the following members:

Executive Committee

President:  Sam Cockle

Vice President: Emilia Norcross

Secretary: Pip McMullen

Treasurer: Nicole Cabot

Executive Members

Courtney Farrell, Kate Easton, Natalie Pearson.

Future members are warmly welcomed to join, and any potential members or even just interested on-lookers, are always welcome to come to a meeting. Meetings are held twice a term, usually in the evening, in the school library.

All email contact for the P&C:   freoprimarypandc@gmail.com